• The Government structure and laws will include Checks and Balances
  • The Government Constitution will add Transparency as a legal requirement to all levels of government
  • The Government Constitution will ensure Accountability as a statutory provision to all offices and departments of government.

To learn more about how the New Zealand Government has been manipulating a purposefully included loophole in the Bill of Rights Act (1990) to write legislation that LEGALLY REMOVES YOUR RIGHTS without any due process or consultation, please read what was found here: https://www.resetnewzealand.org/the-problem 
(Note: ResetNew Zealand was the first small party to join NZPP.)


  • RESET the entire government.
  • Write a new Constitution and a Constitution for the People.
  • Write a real Bill of Rights.
  • Have these documents act as a foundation for all other laws, which includes full Checks and Balances and Transparency inherent to them.