• The current and past Governments have failed dramatically to ensure that house supply is kept up with the increase of population.  We will work closely with the building sector to assist the sector to build the required numbers of houses. This will include allowing for overseas labour and expertise to work with them, a much-reduced consent and compliance process and an 'entrepreneurial' approach to solving the issues.
  • The Kiwi Build Program under Labour has been a complete disaster for the Government and for Kiwi's needing homes.  We will completely scrap this program and replace it with a building sector and Government program that is realistic and honest and that will give us the best chance of vastly improving house supply.
  • Economic Development through Home Ownership - Social Housing in New Zealand is another disaster under this Government. Social Housing as it is encourages slums, social problems and keeps the poor, poor.  The Government currently spends up to $600 Million dollars a quarter on 'Emergency and Temporary' housing which is literally money down the drain.  When houses are built they are cheap, unhealthy and do not last for very long.

We will:

  • Find housing systems that will deliver high-quality housing at affordable prices.
  • We will look at creative ways whereby people can 'earn' their way into homeownership through sweat equity, shared equity and various finance arrangements.
  • We recognise that homeownership for many Kiwi's is just a dream but we will create a plan that will change lives and get Kiwis into homeownership. We will also ensure that the social education aspect of homeownership is provided so that people will learn to be responsible for an asset like a home.