Billy Te Kahika – NZPP Party Leader

Billy Te Kahika 1 musician family man politician NZPP 450pxPhoto by Kj Stowers

Who Am I?

I am a Husband, a Father of 6 children and Grandfather to 2 beautiful grandchildren and have been married twice.

I am very proud to have a Maori father and a Pakeha mother - both heritages I am proud of.

I grew up in a state house in Mangere in South Auckland and have built an economic base from very humble beginnings from lots of hard work.

I live on a small farm with my family, we home school our children and we live a very quiet and humble home life – a big night for us is Whitaker's chocolate and Little House on the Prairie. No joke! We don’t have TV and prefer to keep ourselves busy as a family in other ways.

Before anything, I am a committed sabbath keeping biblical Christian and I believe the bible tells us clearly what is happening at the end of the time and that God’s people at the end are identified as in Revelation 12:17 clearly as those ‘Who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ’.

I believe we are in a war right now for our democracy and freedoms and I decided that as a genuine, everyday Kiwi I would fight to defend our children’s futures.

My wife and I have a small Ministry in Northland that I look after and also in Auckland where we help feed and clothe homeless people in Auckland during winter.

1 Billy Te Kahika Musician Political Leader 800px 450pxI have been an international world-class guitar player, a soldier in the NZ Army, a member of Police until I resigned under pressure for reporting an oddity with my recruitment, have been a small businessman where I have been involved in helping the Maori economy to grow and be independent. I have worked internationally in major event tourism throughout the pacific and in economic development with First Nations in Canada and the United States.

I have also sought business opportunities for Maori businesses with Chinese traders that didn’t get very far and I approached the UN in 2016 to help fund a NZ based indigenous economic and cultural festival to help end indigenous poverty. We didn’t receive funding because we did not want to become members of the UN as an NGO to receive it.

But since I have taken on fronting this amazing movement I have been painted as:

  • A UN secret agent working as controlled opposition.
  • A secret Chinese Communist Party agent trying to sell Maori land and that I am committing treason.
  • I am a Freemason and Freemasonry supporter, despite lecturing against Freemasons.
  • I am an Abortion Industry executive – despite being against it.
  • I work for the Maori King and I am forming a global reserve bank with him - reason or how unspecified.
  • I am a racial separatist despite preaching the opposite that we are all one family.
  • And that I am a conspiracy theorist about the UN & Communism in New Zealand – despite providing factual evidence proving this and asking that people apply critical thinking.

billy te kahika rotarua presentation 450pxPhoto by Kj StowersMost of the grief I get are from people who are members of or candidates from other parties and I am described with such horrible of names that I do not even recognise it’s me they’re talking about.

But what am I?

I am someone who never wanted to be a Politician or to work in the Beehive and truly only wanted the quiet life that I had.

I care very deeply for our country, our freedoms and the futures of all of our children and to also seeing people saved and prepared for the soon coming of Jesus – full stop. I also want to repair our country and restore democracy, integrity and accountability in Government and National sovereignty & true independence.

Yet through the envy of the minor parties and hostility of the major ones, I have been marginalised as I have just laid out.

I recognise that people have legitimate fears and have had questions about me and that is more than fair enough and I believe I have more than reasonably answered all concerns. I would be asking the same questions as to how a musician, businessman, family man from rural New Zealand can suddenly become the leader of the greatest people’s movement ever seen in NZ political history…? It's because it is a real organic movement based on the most important issues and is the Political Party for ALL the People of New Zealand - The New Zealand Public Party.



Michael 3 5919 450x600 new zealand public party nzppPhoto by Keith BennettMichael Stace – Party Director

A Pioneer Who has Gone Back to His Roots
Dominion Post, 25 June 2014

MICHAEL STACE’S CV makes impressive reading –Walt Disney record producer/digital graphics supervisor and Grammy® nomination recipient, a computer programmer for Rockwell on the Space Shuttle project, Chief Technical Officer for a US angel financial group that managed more than 32 start-ups and a $1.2 Billion budget, and ‘‘think tank’’ intelligence analyst and investigator.

Yet despite his feats and 25 years’ corporate leadership experience the American man has struggled to land a job since he arrived in New Zealand 10 years ago.

‘‘My CV is so high level, people don’t know what to do with my resume, they freak out,’’ he laughs. ‘‘Over the last two years I’ve had over 90 CVs out and not one interview, not one response, nothing.’’

Q: So, on your CV it says you worked for Freemasons New Zealand Grand Lodge. Are you part of the secret underground that rules the world?

A: NO, it was a JOB.

Because of my high-level background positions (in the USA), I had not been able to get a job in this country and have had to work for myself nearly all 18 years here.

In 2008 I approached Freemasons Grand Lodge to re-do their website (it was horrible) as I have vast experience with web programming.

Instead, they offered me the Director of Communications and Marketing position as that job had recently been left vacant.

I was with them for three years, redeveloping their websites and marketing, and was also the editor/designer of their quarterly magazine, New Zealand Freemason.

I left both the organisation and the Lodge after three years as I did not see any future there.