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The New Zealand Public Party has merged with Advance New Zealand and will stand for purposes of the General Elections in October as a component party of Advance New Zealand

New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) is still a party and will continue as such, but for this 2020 election, you will need to PARTY VOTE for Advance New Zealand.

Advance New Zealand Public Party 

The New Zealand Public Party was formed by Billy Te Kahika in response to the blatant injustice and tyranny being hurled upon the New Zealand people by the Labour/NZ First/Green government.

Reclaim New Zealand for ALL the People – is the main goal and message.

However, this message is also more significant than any one political party alone.

To that end, we have established an Advisory Board to include all political interests.

Billy has engaged in talks with all the minor parties to get to learn more about them and their policies in hopes that we will come together under one banner and one voice.

The fragmenting of the vote across many smaller parties does not help New Zealand.

Unity in change is a good thing.
It is time.

We will post updates to this as the agreements happen.
Stay tuned!

Reset New Zealand Party (Component party of Advance NZ)

The first party to join forces with NZPP is the Reset New Zealand Party, which was founded by Private Investigator and Intelligence Analyst, Michael Stace.

Reset NZ Party logo h 2

ResetNZ brings with them decades of investigation expertise and the uncovering of the truth behind WHY things never change in government, regardless of which colour is in power.

Michael was the one who discovered that the New Zealand Government has been manipulating a purposefully included loophole in the Bill of Rights Act (1990) to write legislation that LEGALLY REMOVES YOUR RIGHTS without any due process or consultation. 

Check out what they found and how they are helping us reclaim New Zealand:

New Zealand Peoples Party logoNew Zealand People's Party (Component party of Advance NZ)

The New Zealand People’s Party was established in 2015 with the intention of being the true voice of multi-cultural New Zealand. The Party stood for innovative solutions and policies that create a society with safer neighbourhoods, reunite families and equal opportunities for all. The party was supported by many community leaders that hoped to have minorities better represented in parliament.

Key areas of concern for the party were law and order, affordable housing, and immigration.

They believed law and order was consistently neglected by the government and only got attention during election years. The party was in favour of significantly increasing support and funding for the Police while getting tough on youth crime and legalizing self-defence.

The party also had policies that aimed at helping first home buyers with their deposit and making repayments easier to help them ensure a life of prosperity and health.

New Zealand People’s Party’s immigration policies were designed to make it easier for families of immigrants to reunite and give international students a fair chance to succeed once they had entered New Zealand.

The party stood in the 2017 General Elections with 6 list candidates including the then Party Secretary and current leader Anil Sharma.

Direct Democracy NZ (Component party of Advance NZ)

DDBlueLogoDirect Democracy New Zealand is registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission since February 2020. The party’s purpose is to inform and educate Kiwis about Direct Democracy, as the best way to improve voters’ participation in our political system.

Direct Democracy cites the example of Switzerland where, since 1848, the citizens employ the Tools of Democracy to guide their government. Swiss politicians and political parties are directed to serve the people’s interests. The method operates through ongoing referenda and citizens’ initiatives. Direct Democracy allows voters to push governments for positive outcomes. Citizens are empowered with the means to keep politicians in check. The government serves the national interest, and everyone makes real progress.

Direct Democracy New Zealand is organised by a board of Kiwi elders who promote this wiser, more transparent way for governing our nation. The party exists to advance people’s aspirations for a fair and open parliament, responsive to voters’ directions. The goal is to encourage all NZ politicians and parties to abandon selfish concerns.

To adopt Direct Democracy is to engage positive citizen participation at all levels of government.

Kiwi voters already have referenda, coalition politics, and electorate consultation. The next step is to advancer MMP and local body systems, to unleash true voter power through Direct Democracy.

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