Reclaim New Zealand for ALL the People


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National Rally For Freedom
Saturday, 12 Sept at 12 PM – 1:30 PM
Aotea Square, Auckland

Hosted by Advance NZ / NZPP
Now more than ever, your country needs you. Freedom Rally.
Saturday. Midday. Aotea Square. Reclaim NZ for ALL the people.

Advance NZ / NZPP Released Policy

Democracy Policy

Democracy is precious and must be protected so future generations can enjoy the same rights and freedoms previous generations, at great cost, fought to protect. 

Our elected representatives are under a clear obligation to speak for their constituents in Parliament, to represent the will of the people and make laws in the people’s best interest.

Today, we are seeing the ways in which New Zealand’s democracy has failed us. The Bill of Rights has been repeatedly trampled on, and laws are regularly passed under urgency without consultation. Extreme actions in decision-making that affects all our lives have been undertaken by a single leader without the participation of other elected representatives. 

The dominance of today’s political parties continues to erode our democracy. Current politicians put the interests of their parties over those of their constituents so that when laws the public overwhelmingly opposes are passed, there is nothing they can do to redress the balance except wait three years and try to vote for better representation. 

COVID-19 Response Policy

The COVID-19 virus has led nations around the world to take radical action to prevent its spread. In New Zealand, the Labour government has adopted an approach of eradication at any cost. That strategy has failed.

In the false hope of eradicating the virus, we now face Labour’s Second Wave of Lockdowns. There is no end in sight for the current lockdown or for ending COVID-19 restrictions at lower levels. Labour’s plan is for years of rolling lockdowns.

As new information is learned about COVID-19, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the fatality rate of the virus is considerably lower than first predicted. In the early stages of COVID-19 entering New Zealand, fear spread with many believing mass deaths would take place.

NZPP Can Now Take Donations


Bank: BNZ
Account: NZPP

SWIFT code for Bank of New Zealand is:
Bank Address: 102 Main Street, Upper Hutt 5018

For some banks you will need to remove the last zero:

For Australian Banks:
BSB: 02-0772
Account: 0091061097

The New Zealand Public Party has merged with Advance New Zealand and will stand for purposes of the General Elections in September as Advance New Zealand.

New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) is still a party and will continue as such, but for this 2020 election, you will need to PARTY VOTE for Advance New Zealand.

Advance New Zealand Public Party